5 DAY TOUR - SUMMER SEASON 2019  - from June 20th – September 30th:

It is possible to book accomodations on Sørreisa Hotel instead of the stable loft for an additional price(NOK 995,- per night incl. breakfast). We take any allergies into account, please make us aware if you have any.
Transfer from and to Bardufoss Airport or Finnsnes Port for additional price (NOK 550,- per transfer)
Safety equipment included. Helmets are mandatory in Norway. We also have safety wests for everyone under 18 years of age.
Beer and wine is not included, but possible to buy separately.

5-day tours starts Monday and lasts until Friday:
Price NOK 7.650,- pr. person (min 2 persons, max 10 persons)
Day 1: 
  1. Arrival at 12:00 (12pm) Lunch/light meal and welcome
  2. Say hello to the Viking Horses, everybody get their own horse
  3. Short ”Get to know your horse” in the arena with riding instructor
  4. Ride to Camp Vollen, light terrain. Stay overnight in lavvos. Dinner is prepared over open fire the local way. Local food (salmon, reindeer, local beer). Entertainment/activities during the evening.
Day 2: 
  1. Norwegian breakfast with bread, egg, juice and coffee
  2. Saddle up, and ride in the forest and mountains to a Sami family by Andsvatnet, moderate/difficult terrain. We have the view over the middle parts in the region of Troms. Most likely we’ll find some snow, throw snowballs.. Perhaps we’ll se the Norwegian wildlife; moose, rein deer, hare, eagles..
  3. Lunch outside
  4. Ride home to the stables. Possibilities to loosen up stiff muscles in the jacuzzi before dinner and socializing in our grill hut. Traditional Norwegian meal with locally produced food.
Day 3:  
  1. Breakfast on the stable loft, or outside
  2. Ride up the mountains. Easy/moderate terrain. We’ll gaze upon the Northern Norwegian landscape, fjords and mountains, with a view over Senja, the adventure island.
  3. Lunch
  4. After noon ride back to the stables
  5. Dinner in our grill hut. Northern Norwegian meal: sausage, steak, salmon etc.
Day 4: 
  1. Breakfast on the stable loft, or outside
  2. Mountain ride to Svartåsen with a view over Sørreisa Valley and Hjerttind. Coffee break at view point
  3. Lunch
  4. Return to the stable
  5. Dinner in our grill hut; Sea food from Senja

Day 5: 
  1. Breakfast on the stable loft, or outside
  2. Ride to Krokvatnet with view over the town of Sørreisa. Coffee break while we gaze upon the jumping trout, before returning to the stables.
  3. Lunch and departure at 15:00 (3 pm)